How to use LinkedIn for your brand identity (1/2)
6 February 2018

LinkedIn is the reference social network for professionals.

It facilitates the meeting between supply and demand, especially in two ways:

1) among companies looking for staff and potential employees;

2) in B2B relations therefore between companies looking for customers.

Linkedin is now in common use for more structured companies that, even to make selection and find qualified staff with whom to start collaborations, now no longer publish job advertisements on other communication channels but use the Linkedin home. It is an essential tool that today is one of the best resources for networking among professionals.

How to use Linkedin to do business?

A company page is a valuable tool to be found both by experts in the field and potential customers. Once the page of your company has been created, you will have the possibility to connect it to the professional profiles of employees and collaborators, whose icons will appear in the upper right corner. On Linkedin your company will have a space to present their products and services: there is the possibility to create up to 10 pages showcase, each of which connected to the parent page.
Finally, you can drive traffic to the company website, including links to the website, blog, other pages on social media, in order to attract interested people and let them know your reality.

Using Linkedin to do business means first of all being visible: obviously creating a company page is the pre-requisite but insufficient to build a corporate identity.

I created my beautiful LinkedIn page, so cute and clean. And now?

To have a successful company profile you need a lot of work, perseverance and competence.

1. Updating the profile continuously,
changing, if necessary, information, contact data, but not only: talk about new projects coming soon, new collaborations or partnerships undertaken, new ideas to be developed and maybe create with the help of other professionals like you available on the web. The real strength of social networks is precisely that of being able to bring together highly qualified and complementary profiles, but distant from a geographical point of view, whose potential is only waiting to be put to the test. In addition to the continuous update, you will also have to take care of the exposure and the grammatical correctness of what you publish: this is not negligible details but an important support to your credibility and reliability in the eyes of potential customers.

2. Create a brand identity.
Linkedin represents a formidable marketing tool. Therefore, as a starting point, you will have to think about creating authority around the name of your brand. How do you get this result? Definitely sharing your knowledge in the field. Far from publishing self-referential texts, sharing implies the common utility of the resource in question. Then create post information and “educate” your target through advice, new trends, news useful for the development of the business of your potential customers. Marketing does not mean selling “directly” and the same rule applies to Linkedin. Talking with other people means trying to know them to grow, to discover new resources and share knowledge: only when that person manifests a need to which you are able to give a solution, then you can propose without hesitation your product or service.

3. Focus on creating content.
LinkedIn has recently published a useful guide for all companies that want to do business through the platform called “Tactical Plan. A daily playbook for successful content marketing on LinkedIn”. The document is aimed at all those who want to implement a content marketing strategy that is to achieve effective content, using the tools made available by the channel and focused on a target group of potential customers.

In the next post I will tell you about the new trends, the rules of behavior and how to advertise on the social network most used by professionals and companies.

Federico Bazzo

Federico Bazzo

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