How to use LinkedIn for your brand identity (2/2)
13 February 2018

Taking up again the theme of the use of LinkedIn of the previous post, I now illustrate a proposal to a very frequent question:

How to use Linkedin to find customers?

The best way is to participate in discussions, share updates or useful news and, before publishing something, always ask yourself a question: what I’m about to write is really useful for those who read it? Is it an experience that others will appreciate to know?

It is very easy on Linkedin to find out several groups related to every professional field: if don’t, however, you can create one of your own, looking for people and new contacts to invite, which you consider close to your profession or business environment.

You can also receive LinkedIn updates via email, to know what happens to the various contacts – with whom they are connected, new assignments, rewards and so on so as to continue to manage the contact database and gain visibility, commenting or congratulating on new achievements.

Using Linkedin for companies means carefully taking care of your circle of contacts and new professionals. It is for this reason that you will have to use the fact of being on the social network even in real life, that of every day: at dinner with friends, at the bar, rather than at an industry or at a meeting on the topic.

Invite the right people to connect with you on Linkedin, put the link on corporate business cards and signing emails.

The tools available for marketing with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Company Pages: these are company pages, where you can share news and information about your company, products and services. The opportunity to present your projects and to explore any collaborators or people interested in working with you. Useful for making statistics, presentations, e-books, case studies, articles, guides, images and infographics.

LinkedIn Slideshare: LinkedIn sub-channel where you can process and share slides of any kind. Using the slides you will be able to face, explain and present contents related to the most disparate themes. With this tool you can share: videos, video-conferences, recordings, tips, graphic-informative contents.

Publishing on LinkedIn: publishing content on LinkedIn in a professional way is essential to increase brand identity, the network of contacts and business opportunities. You can publish: industry research, trends, experiences, courses, events, lessons.

LinkedIn Sponsored Update & Direct Sponsored Content: perfect for sponsorships. You can sponsor: news, blog posts, statistics, infographics, slides.

LinkedIn Groups: as already mentioned, groups are useful not only for work or personal branding. The groups on Linkedin work well, we grow professionally through updating, comparison with colleagues, help from those with more skills.
LinkedIn for Business

There are recently no less interesting news for LinkedIn, and here I will list briefly:

Blog Pulse. Pointing to a website and blog with a personal domain is still the winning choice, but to gain visibility in LinkedIn, Pulse remains the best tool. And it has recently been completely renovated. New design, hashtag to group contents and above all the possibility to write directly in Italian, without having to change the language (English) from the settings.

Renewed design. For months now the design of the site has been renewed: simpler, more intuitive, it looks much more like other social networks. Important change in feeds: no longer in chronological order but for number of interactions. The display counter for individual posts is also introduced.

Tasting conversations and “chat pop up”. The “tastings” of the conversations are tips ready to start a conversation with other people immediately. The pop-up chat has been completely renewed, in fact now it is instantaneous.

#hashtag. Also on Linkedin it is now possible to group the topics and search for the ones that interest you thanks to the hashtags.

When to publish to get the most out of LinkedIn?

Being present every day is important, both by commenting on the interventions of others and by publishing useful contents and information. In this case, one post a day is more than enough, better if during working hours (but not more frenetic): the ideal would be around 9 am or 6 pm.
In any case, do not underestimate the potential of the weekend: there are many freelancers who show interest in Linkedin, even in the free moments of Saturday and Sunday.

With some more advice, now nothing remains but roll up your sleeves, think of a strategic plan and leave.

Good job!

Federico Bazzo

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