How to use new Facebook pages with the new algorithm
19 February 2018

The news that Facebook changed its algorithm dates back to a few months ago, giving more space to relationships with friends and family, and showing fewer posts of company pages. If you were not aware of this new algorithm, we talked about it in our blog in this previous post.

This choice was made to give greater relevance to real contacts, with the people we know, and consequently penalizing companies that, to show the post to more people, will be forced to begin to invest the budget in sponsored listings.

Now the question that comes naturally is: how can we continue to see the news of a page that interests us? Is there any possibility besides looking for it and displaying the complete profile? The answer is yes! There is a solution, and it is also very simple.

Guidelines to follow WABi updates



Within our WABi Facebook page (which you have already followed) by clicking on Follow already you will have to change the standard preference, as it should appear by default, to Show first. In this way, whenever the page publishes a post, at your next opening of the social network, you will appear at the top in the newsfeed as the first news our post!

If you were worried because the news of your favorite team, the recipes you were following, or any update you had the pleasure of viewing, now you know how to do it.

As an exercise started right from our page, so we can teach you other tricks like this! 😉

Jacopo Battistella

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